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Welcome to the dermatology office of Drs. Rubin and Reddick, where our top priority is providing you with the highest standard of skin care available. Located in Dallas, Texas, we offer the latest dermatological care for patients of all ages, including adults and children. Drs. Howard Rubin and Claire Reddick provide a complete menu of dermatological services to ensure our patients receive optimal care.

We work with each patient individually and take a team approach in determining the treatment that is best for your specific needs and desires. We also believe in the importance of patient education and promise to keep you thoroughly informed of your treatment options and progress. To learn more about the services we offer, please explore our website.It is filled with information on the procedures and treatments we offer, such as skin cancer screenings and treatment, acne treatment and cosmetic procedures including fillers, chemical peels, Dysport® and Botox®.

We believe your skin deserves the best and are confident that we can deliver the quality dermatological care that will keep your skin healthy and beautiful for years to come. Schedule your appointment with Drs. Rubin and Reddick today!